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Jesse Livermore - a photo essay

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October 1907 Livermore, considered by many to be the greatest trader ever, was convinced the market was overvalued. He began taking short positions on various stocks. Livermore later covered his positions with $250,000 in profits = $5,000,000 today.

November 28 1940 Livermore committed suicide leaving a note "My life has been a failure".


November 28, 1940—Jesse Livermore Jr., as he arrives at the Sherry Netherland Hotel in New York to identify the body of his father. On viewing his father’s body, minutes later, he collapsed.

Jesse and Dorothy March 3, 1926, looking dapper at a costume ball at their mansion "Evermore." Jesse Livermore loved beautiful women and his wife Dorothy loved throwing parties often for 100 people or more.

Jesse Livermore stands on the porch of the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach where he took a large apartment every winter. He traveled to the Breakers in his private railway car and had his yacht sent down to Palm Beach ahead of his arrival.

Jesse Livermore sits before the bankruptcy referee on May 15,1934. Livermore always paid his bankruptcy creditors back when he got back on his feet, even though he was not legally responsible.

Livermore’s mansion "Evermore" at King’s Point Long Island. The dining room table sat 46 for dinner. There was a barbershop in the basement with a live-in barber. His 300-foot yacht was anchored in the back yard. The mansion was the scene of many grand parties—finally auctioned off—June 27th, 1933.

Jesse Livermore Jr., March 23, 1975, as he is led from his home to police car after shooting his dog, attempting to kill his wife Patricia, and sticking his gun in the chest of a NYPD police officer and pulling the trigger.

Jesse Livermore "The Boy Plunger" of Wall Street and his wife of twenty months set sail to Europe on the S.S. Rex after his 1934 bankruptcy. Before boarding Livermore said, "I hope to relieve my mind of some of my troubles."

Jesse Livermore, the legendary "Boy Plunger" and "Great Bear of Wall Street" in his office in 1929 just after the "Crash"--when he went short the market and made over 100 million dollars. His powers were at their highest. His life slid downhill from here--ten years later he would kill himself.

Jesse Livermore, third wife Harriet, and his son Paul—as they arrive in New York on December 8, 1935, after leaving the bedside of Jesse Jr., who had just been shot by his mother.

Jesse Livermore loved beautiful women. This caused him much grief during his life. He is pictured here with his third wife Harriet during a party for eighty people in their ten room apartment on Park Avenue.

Paul Livermore, Dorothy Livermore, and Jesse Junior in front of the Livermore mansion. Both sons were very handsome. Jesse Jr., started having sex with his mother’s friends—without her knowledge—when he was fourteen—the same age he started drinking.

Livermore was subject to deep black depressions all his adult life, during success or failure. This photo was taken on November 26, 1940, two days before "The Great Bear" of Wall Street took his own life.

After shooting her son, Dorothy Livermore stands in a Santa Barbara, California courtroom waiting to be arraigned. She is before Judge Ernest Wagner on a complaint of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Under Sheriff Jack Ross, District Attorney Percy Heckendorf and Sheriff James Ross are looking at the spot they believe Jesse Livermore Jr. was shot by his mother in her home in Montecito California. He was actually shot on the staircase.

Jesse Livermore, Dorothy Livermore and friends at their vacation home in Lake Placid. Livermore hunted and played golf here.

The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach on fire March 18th, 1925. Dorothy Livermore sent the bell boys back to the apartment to save her 24 pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage from the flames—and the bell boys did it.

Bradley’s Palm Beach "Beach Club"—the longest-running illegal gambling casino in America’s history. Ed Bradley, the "greatest gambler" in America, and Jesse Livermore, the "greatest stock speculator" in America, were fast friends.

Jesse Livermore and Ed Kelley, his friend, on Livermore’s yacht after a day’s fishing in the launch. Livermore had a passion for fishing. Being on the water gave him a chance to think. He often came up with "great market ideas" on the ocean.

Dorothy Livermore and a friend in a white wicker Pedi-cab on the grounds of the Breakers Hotel. This was a common means of transportation at the "Breakers" in the twenties and thirties.

This portrait of Dorothy Livermore, Ziegfield showgirl, was commissioned by her husband Jesse before she was twenty. The jewelry is all real. The pearls, valued at $80,000, were stolen during the Boston Billy home invasion robbery of their mansion. She built a brewery in the basement during prohibition and personally delivered the beer in her Rolls convertible to their rich and famous friends.

The beautiful Ann Livermore, Paul’s wife—she is a singer who appeared with the big bands, and such singers as Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra. She still sings in her home town—Las Vegas.

Publicity photo of the handsome Paul Livermore, Jesse’s youngest son. He appeared in a number of movies and various television series before moving to Hawaii.

Patricia and Jesse Livermore Jr.—during their happy times on the way to Hawaii. Jesse Jr. would later fall into deep alcoholism and physically abuse Patricia until he finally tried to kill her.

Jesse Livermore was a handsome and powerful man who cherished his secrecy and his private life. He moved in silence and mystery and was like catnip to women.


The original Anita Venetian with a 40-foot launch tied along side. Livermore loved yachting. In all there were 3 Anita Venetians—the last one was 300-foot long.

Jesse Livermore and his wife Harriet on November 27, 1940, at the Stork Club, Livermore’s favorite night club. Looking distant, pale and wan, he would commit suicide the next day.



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