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We all share a similar path in Trading. Even though you may not be a consistently profitable trader now, you can chose to enjoy the path. This alone may make the difference in your success.



The TradingNaked Award is awarded  to  traders that exhibit a willingness to share their knowledge with fellow traders, excellence in trading techniques and contributions to trading community. There are many others that I have not acknowledged. I hope to one day. Many are my teachers responsible for my success....thanks to all of you...NQoos 8-)


Michael Jardine - Enthios Dave Shedd - Founder of daCharts "Angel" Buffy - The Best on the internet.
Michael Jardin Dave Shedd "Angel" Buffy Jimmer
    Tim Morge  

10/12/03 -  Tim Morge - "master trader, master educator", one of my teachers............. Tim's sharing of his knowledge has attracted, encouraged and aided many traders in achieving profitability. Tim leadership has spawned many others to aid in the learning process of so many.  Thanks Tim .... NQoos 8-)

10/04/03 -  Jerry Warezeniak - embodies the ideas of quality after hour screen time and sharing his path unselfishly will all while creating new ideas. 

7/6/03 - Jimmer - World Class Trader & Humanitarian. 

2/22/03 - Michael Jardine - is a gifted multi faceted contributor to the trading community. Trader, webmaster, photographer, writer and businessman.  Michael is a shinning example of left brain/right brain, logic and creativity combined with his passion for life and concern for others.

2/9/03 - Dave Shedd - aka dave_b_quik- he's just not lurking . Dave is a shinning example of the phrase  "Traders helping Traders". Dave is the founder of daCharts.

1/27/03 - Buffy - aka "Angel Buffy" the best on the net 

1/20/03 - Brach - First recipient of the "Trading Naked Award". Brach can and does trade naked, without the aid of any indicators. His knowledge of Trend lines, wedges, wave structure 12345, and Fibonacci relationships are the best I have seen real-time.